Heartsome Translation Studio

Heartsome Translation Studio 8.0

Creates professional localization files for different projects
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Simplifies the task of creating professionally-based translations for different projects. Includes a project management function, multiple file support, enhanced engine translation for automatic recognition, RTF proofreading and database support, as well as an MT pre-saving feature.

Heartsome Translation Studio 8.0 is the latest computer-aided translation (CAT) tool developed by Heartsome Technologies Ltd. It is a major update from version 7.0 and its ease-of-use, scalability, portability and stability places it among other industry-leading software, but at a much better performance-price ratio.

Heartsome Translation Studio 8.0 still supports various XML-based open standards, including XLIFF 1.2 on which its native file format is based; TMX (Translation Memory eXchange 1.4 and lower) and TBX (TermBase eXchange), which are used for exchanging translation memories and termbases; SRX (Segmentation Rules eXchange version 1.1 and lower); as well as support for other XLIFF files from other CAT tools.

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